Family Ministries

Our community values family - we offer several ministries for both new and established families. Find out more about our baby dedications, kids, youth, and pre-marital ministries below! 

Kids Ministry

Sunday Mornings at Reality Kids include a time of worship, prayer, teaching, sharing, and learning about who God is and how Jesus is at the center of his great story of salvation.
All kids ages 6 months through 6th grade are welcome!
The structure of the morning is uniquely catered to each age group.

Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry engages youth with the story of God found in scripture to foster spiritual growth both in biblical knowledge and practice in preparation for adulthood. Our mission is to see students engage with the biblical texts while providing opportunities to live it out. 

Pre-Marital Counseling

Though the institution of marriage is enacted on earth on the wedding day, it is first ordered by heaven above. In accordance with God’s generous nature, he is pleased to give because marriage is from God and should never be viewed as anything less then a supreme heavenly gift. Even though society attempts to diminish the significance and necessity of marriage—and at times we will too—we must never forget what we have received from God. 

Baby Dedications

While the Bible doesn’t explicitly instruct parents to have their children dedicated before the church, it is however clear about the importance of parenting in a way that is dedicated to God and his covenant people.