Discipleship Pathway

The life of a disciple is marked by being with Jesus, learning from Jesus, and becoming like Jesus. This pathway is designed to lead you through four tracks that will take you deeper into each of these features of discipleship as you journey farther and farther down the path of discipleship here at Reality Church Stockton. 
This first track is for those exploring the Christian faith. Here you will learn about the core beliefs of Christianity. The goal of this track is to know who Jesus is and what it means to follow him by faith. This track typically culminates in baptism.
This second track is for those who have believed in Jesus, have been baptized, and are now prepared to become members at Reality Church of Stockton. In this process, you will learn about our doctrine statement, our pillars of belonging, our ecclesiology, and all that’s involved in committing to our church. The goal of this track is to establish a covenanted, and mutually beneficial connection with the church community that opens up opportunities for service and partnership. This track culminates in formal membership announced before the church. 
This third track is for members who desire continual growth in their Christian faith. Here you will dive deeper into the Bible and theology, as well as explore a broad scope of practical topics concerning the Christian life. The goal of this track is to be formed deeply in your faith in order to experience ongoing growth in Christ. 
This fourth track of the pathway is for members preparing for leadership within the Church. Here, we have our Elder and Deacon processes, as well as CG and Bible Study leadership opportunities. The goal of this track is to be equipped, trained, and tested for various leadership roles within the church.