Kids Ministry

Sunday Mornings at Reality Kids include a time of worship, prayer, teaching, sharing, and learning about who God is and how Jesus is at the center of his great story of salvation.
The structure of the morning is uniquely catered to each age group and you can find your child’s class below. 
At Reality Kids, kids safety is our priority. All of our volunteers go through an extremely thorough background check and training process. Kids are never alone with a single adult at any time and only authorized parents/guardians and volunteers are allowed in the kids’ area. Additionally, no child can be picked up without the check-in ticket that was issued before service. 
If you would like to put your child in Reality Kids, check-in begins 10 minutes before service starts and concludes 10 minutes after service ends. We use Kid Check for your child’s safety. Kid check allows us to page you during service through your cell phone. In order to check your child out, you must sign him or her out at the check-in station and present your guardian receipt to their teacher after they have been checked out. 


The nursery is for children ages 6 months to 30 months (2.5 years). Our volunteers are there to care, pray, and speak God’s truth over your babies. Crackers and water sippy cups are provided, but please bring any additional baby care items and leave instructions with the Reality Kids nursery workers. We do not let babies cry for more than 10 minutes before calling a parent out so please keep your phone on vibrate so a nursery worker can contact you if necessary.


Our preschoolers are  are encouraged to play, create, and experience the love of Jesus. During class time, our toddler volunteers show them the love of Christ through an age appropriate Bible story, songs, activities, crafts, and play time. 

First - Third Grades 

At this age our teachers ask more questions that allow the kids to seek answers and long after an understanding of the Word of God on their own. They have a time of Bible study, discussion, and activities with their teacher. 

Fourth - Sixth Grades 

This classroom is designed for the pre-teen years to start not only understanding but applying the gospel. It is our desire for them to have a deeply rooted understanding of the gospel. Together with their leaders they will have a Bible lesson, discussion, and application.