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Personal Reflection/Study Questions:
-Use scripture to support your answers.
1. What are some Biblical examples of God’s grace going to extreme lengths to save?

Discussion Questions:
1. Aspects of the story of the Book of Jonah are familiar to most. What have you typically understood the story to be about?

2. Hearing Jonah read aloud, what aspects of the story are most striking/intriguing to you?

3. Tell about a time that you felt God’s grace was not able to accomplish God’s purposes (e.g., “if God only knew what I have done he wouldn’t forgive me”, or “that man is too evil to receive salvation”).

4. In what ways does God’s grace demand that you go further than you might like or find comfortable?

5. “You contribute nothing to your salvation except the sin that made it necessary.” – Jonathan Edwards
– If we were the evil Ninevites that God radically saved, how would that influence the love and mercy we show to others?

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