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Personal Reflection/Study Questions:
-Use Scripture to support your answers.
1. What is the wrath of God?

2. What are examples of God displaying his active wrath? What are examples of his passive wrath?

Discussion Questions:
1. Think of an angry person. What other adjectives would you use to describe this person you are thinking of?

2. “God is not embarrassed by his wrath or ashamed of his judgment, so we shouldn’t be either.” – Thabiti Anyabwile
In what ways have you neglected the topic of God’s wrath in the past?

3. How would you say that God’s love and wrath are interconnected?

4. Human wrath is “love of justice perverted to revenge and spite” – Dante
From our passage, what are some differences between God’s wrath and human wrath?

5. Read Ephesians 2:1-3. What does this passage say the consequences are for our “trespasses and sins”?

6. What does it mean to you that God poured out his full cup of wrath (both active and passive) on Christ on the cross?

7. If we believe that on the cross Christ completely paid the consequences for our sins, how does that allow us to entrust our anger to God?

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