Pastor David Lipari – Ruth 4

July 30th, 2017

Personal Reflection/Study Questions:
-Use Scripture to support your answers.
1. For Naomi, how is Chapter 4 a reversal of Chapter 1. What are some specific examples?

2. Read v.7-12. How is this a foreshadowing of the public proof-of-purchase that Christ gave for his Bride?

Discussion Questions:
1. Chapter 4 shows us that in seeming randomness, God was purposefully working to bring about his Messianic line through Ruth. Reflecting on your own life (or the life of another), what was something, that seemed “random” at the time, that you now see God’s intentional purpose in?

2. What are some consequences of viewing all of life’s experiences as a product of sheer good/bad luck?

3. Through the story of Ruth, how has God shown us that this is not how he operates?

4. In what ways does God work through Ruth and Boaz (individuals) in order to bring redemption to millions of people throughout time?

5. In light of God’s intentional working in all of our lives, how should we understand all circumstances?

6. If we truly believe that God is purposefully at work in all of our lives at all times, what will that mean for how we live day to day?

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