Pre-Marital Counseling

Though the institution of marriage is enacted on earth on the wedding day, it is first ordered by heaven above. In accordance with God’s generous nature, he is pleased to give because marriage is from God and should never be viewed as anything less then a supreme heavenly gift. Even though society attempts to diminish the significance and necessity of marriage—and at times we will too—we must never forget what we have received from God.

We ask that you and your fiancée/fiancé, would download and go over our pre-marital discussion guide together so you can be prepared to discuss this with the person(s) that are walking you through your pre-marital counseling.

Discussion Guide


Fill out the following as fully, yet as briefly, as possible.
Be prepared to review and discuss your responses at your pre-session.

Marital Status:

A. Have you ever been previously married? How many times?

B. Is the divorce final? When?

C. Do you have any children? Ages?

D. Explain custody and visitation arrangement:

E. Why was the marriage terminated?

Engagement Period:

A. How long have you known each other?

B. How long have you been going together?

C. How long have you officially been engaged?

Personal Walk With Christ:

A. Briefly define a “born again Christian."

B. Are you a born again Christian?

C. How long have you been a Christian?

D. Briefly state your views regarding the authority of the Bible and its place in your life.

E. Do you regularly attend Reality Church Stockton?

--How long have you attended?

Personal Marriage Preparation:

A. Have you read any Christian books on marriage? If so, please list the titles and authors.

B. Have you listened to any messages on Christian marriage? If so, please list their titles and speakers.

C. Have you attended any classes? If so, please describe.


A. Have you set a tentative date for getting married?

B. Which pastor would be your first preference to perform your wedding ceremony?

C. Do you plan on offering the pastor an honorarium (financial gift)?

Pre-Marital Counseling Agreement

I / We understand that completing the pre-marital counseling is required for a pastor at Reality Stockton to perform a marriage ceremony or to utilize any of Reality's facilities. There will be a minimum of eight sessions (one pre-session, six main sessions, and one planning session). Completion of the pre-marital does NOT guarantee that a pastor of Reality Stockton will perform the wedding. Reality Stockton reserves the option to deny this request at ANY time during the pre-marital process. A minimum of three months lead-time prior to the wedding is required to complete counseling. Some exceptions may apply. All appointments will be made through the Reality Stockton office. For a wedding location exceeding 50 miles from Reality Stockton, there may be a mileage charge (standard government rate).

I, , agree to these terms.
I, , agree to these terms.