February 14 – March 29

The church is a people of preparation, poised in anticipation. The people of God are a journeying people, living in the ‘already, but not yet’ of the Kingdom of God, between the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and his promised return. The Christian Calendar, adopted by the universal church, gives us specific opportunities to journey with intentionality through scripture and to align our lives, schedules and rhythms accordingly.

While the Advent season was a journey on the road to Bethlehem, to the foot of the manger, Lent is a journey on the road to calvary, to the foot of the cross.

The Lent season is an opportunity to join believers throughout the world and throughout the generations in a time of anticipation of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday(Easter). These 40 days of Lent between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are a time of preparation, repentance and devotion, introducing opportunities for spiritual disciplines such as fasting, scriptural mediation and worship. It is meant to symbolically follow Jesus into the wilderness, where he was tested during his 40 day fast(Matthew 4:1-11). While there is no one specific way to recognize Lent, the path is one of subtraction and gain, as we choose to sacrificially give up something(s) in order to pursue greater communion with Jesus Christ, our great reward.

As a local church, we have the opportunity to join the Church throughout the world in this season of Lent. Below is a Lent Guide from The Village Church that you may find helpful.

Lent Guide