Student Form

Are you a college student looking for a home away from home, a local family to encourage and support you and a welcome space to relax in?

The Adopt-a-Tiger program is designed to do just that! We will strive to provide college students with Christian relationships and mentorships as well as practical escapes from the hectic pace of campus.

Possible activities include:

  • Sharing a meal
  • Movie or game nights
  • Fun texts and cards
  • A home place to study or do laundry
  • A relationship with a local family and spiritual mentorship
  • Other demonstrations of God’s love from your church family

The heart behind this program is belonging, tangible support, and encouragement. We hope to continue to build up the body of Christ in Stockton! You will be contacted by Deacon Lauren McDermott once connection forms are in. You will most likely be paired up with a small group of students as host families might be limited, so feel free to include some students you may be interested in being paired up with.


Just fill out this form:

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  1. 4. Are there other students or families that you would like to be paired with?*
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