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College students tend to be the most disconnected group from the church, and a lot of the time it is because they feel overwhelmed or forgotten. We hope that through the Adopt-a-Tiger program we will create relationships between our sponsors and students that not only help them stay connected to the Body of Christ during their years in college, but will also be long lasting and impacting for years to come!

How do I do it?
Connection is key. Keep in contact with the student. Doing something with them now and then lets them know that someone loves them and they are a real part of our community. Lacking resources is not a problem! Here are some ideas…

  • Go out to lunch after church
  • Invite them over to help cook dinner
  • Go to a sport event (even your child’s)
  • Sent them texts/cards
  • Invite them to help serve in your ministries
  • Offer your home as a place to study or do laundry
  • Invite them on a family outing
  • Invite them to watch a movie or play games

Minimum Activities:

  • Pray for them! (ask them for prayer requests)
  • Some kind of interaction with your student(s) at least twice a month
  • Prepare a care package during finals for your student. (*Don’t forget to ask about food allergies)

Requirements for Sponsors:

  • Regular attendance of Sunday services
  • Member of a Community Group OR serving on a ministry team

We do also have international students that may participate. If you are willing to open your home to these students during the holidays, that would be a HUGE blessing to them. On the sign-up form, please check whether or not you are willing to accept international students.

Thank you for helping us to love our students well!

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  1. 1. Do you regularly attend Sunday services?*
  1. 2. What is the name of your community group or ministry team leader?*
  1. 3. How many students would you like to adopt?*
  1. 4. Would you be able to adopt international students? (This is a great option for those who are able to open their homes during the holidays to students who may be alone over breaks.)*
  1. 5. Tell us about your house! What are your hobbies and interests?*
  1. 6. Are there any students you already have a connection with and would like to adopt?